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South Korean National Intelligence Service Privacy Violation

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It is very glad to write a letter from South Korea to your law firm regarding
my urgent and serious problem with South Korean NationaIntelligence Service
under South Korean government.

Since December in 2013, the South Korean National Intelligence Service under
South Korean government has installed CCTV surveillance camera in my apartment
including my bedroom, living room, and bathroom. And it conducted illegally a
surveillance of my movement at home by violating my privacy with more than
100,000 Korean people together for three years (2013-2017).

Some of policemen stop by my apartment by my request to remove the illegal
CCTV surveillance camera several times. But, they didn't make an effort to remove
the CCTV camera and ignored my accusation on illegal South Korean National
Intelligence Service CCTV installation. This is the main reason why I'm writing
a letter of my serious problem to your law firm.

I sincerely would request your assistance to solve South Korean National
Intelligence Service privacy violation. Enclosed is the proof of
a rejection letter from Korean prosecutor's office and a picture regarding
this privacy violation.

Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated concerning this privacy
violation matter.

Best regards,
Peter Nam


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